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Hi Robin, this is DJ from the Steve Kirsch post. Thanks for all the great work you are doing and providing.

I have been reading your web posts and I see you recommend 0.5mg to 1.0mg of 25OHD calcifediol at first signs of covid.

I want to order some. Do you still recommend d.velop or Fortaro for US citizens?

I see both products have 60 .01 mg tablets per bottle. So I would need 100 tabs to get to 1mg. Is that correct. Then 2 bottles would do it. Correct?

It looks like d.velop lowered it’s price from what you said was $30 to $18. Sounds like the best deal.

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This blog post help me get over covid only with two days of fever.

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An excellent video by Indian Doctor Renu Mahtani uploaded to YouTube in May 2020 explains the efficacy of Vitamin D as a Coronavirus prophylactic. I thought I'd post it here so it may be added to Robin's compendium of C19 research. Thanks. https://youtu.be/kWXiyLIN4c4

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Feb 21, 2022·edited Feb 21, 2022

Are you familiar with this paper, which claimed no benefit from Vitamin-D with respect to COVID-19?


Or this article which discusses weak evidence of benefit?


I would be interested in your take on these. One should also examine evidence and arguments which are counter to a viewpoint one supports, not just studies which confirm it.

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I have been a vitamin D groupie for roughly a decade. My last test showed 94. I convinced a relative whom I employ to take it daily. Sadly, she is not as interested in fitness, and is morbidly obese. Her husband *kind of* bought into the D argument. He is also obese, but not as religious about taking his vitamins. Then along came Covid. He almost didn't make it. She breezed through it with cold symptoms, along with the telltale taste/smell issues. Her vitamin D level was 54. Her husband was either not tested, or didn't learn his levels.

I refuse to wear masks unless I have no choice (medical visits, air travel, etc.) If I have contracted C19 in the last two years, I am blissfully unaware. I chose survival over avoidance. My life is infinitely richer as a result.

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Thanks Robin, I do have the calcifediol arrived a few days ago. If I get the covid symptoms I will take it. Thanks for all the link I'll check it out.

Have you heard of this? If you scroll down you'll see that they say it brings up your vitamin d level. https://lifegivingstore.com/store/nano-soma/

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Good sumary! Thanks! I'll Substack a link to here tomorrow. I've written a shorter piece for people who don't want to be flooded with all the links to the studies I usually post: https://heddahenrik.substack.com/p/covidsum

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Regarding Quilette's chief, Claire Lehmann...when she tweeted out how sexual abuse of children was moral panic, I offered to share my story with her about growing up in this cult:


(That's a lawsuit I worked to engineer, and there are more coming that will involve a wide range of powerful people, including some who served high up in military and government positions.)

Her response was to block me on Twitter.

I watched the accounts around Quillette since then, and decided they were likely an erected media machine to draw in those looking for independent media, but probably found a trap.

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Excellent info. Agree completely about GJ comments. Actually will need to read this a few times!

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