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for updates on Omicron and related matters. I will add that article every day or two according to what transpires.

One of the links is to an article about a SARS-CoV-2 infection in an immunocompromised (HIV) person persisting for 7 months, and accumulating 30 mutations - I guess in multiple branches of genetic variation.

With 8.2 million HIV sufferers in its 60 million population, South Africa could be a place where the virus does this in an individual, and so acquires more mutations than would normally arise in normal replication from host to host. This is relevant to some of the discussions about history of the virus in general, and of Omicron specifically, at the Ethical Skeptic Twitter feed which Barry O'Kenyan referred to. Thanks Barry!

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Big fan of Vitamin D for years! Keep my level at a steady 55-65. Are you defining the reinfections as symptomatic reinfections or just positive PCRs? Those numbers seem so high given the Qatar studies, etc. T cell repertoires of ORF1 and other non-structural proteins of SARS2 should abort COVID despite very different spike with Omicron. Just curious. Thank you!

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Your D3 is getting out into the mainstream without attribution https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5g9AVqRsjo >>>>>>> I know this guy and he is a Covid injection- Conformist /// Him telling the truth on D3 is vey good!

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Thanks, Robin. A well-researched article.

We need to look deeper and stop reacting to every omiscam they produce.

See https://twitter.com/EthicalSkeptic


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