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I must ask you a stark question. Do the Chinese have lower D3 levels than Europeans and European- Americans? This is the claim of the man who made the Woo Flux video that can be found at bitchute.com. YouTube too, but has been buried by YouTube. Tune in at the 56 minute mark.

Summary --- He says Covid was an intentional release. The Chinese assumed that others worldwide have the same low D3 levels that the Chinese have. That Covid would have been much worse in the USA-Europe if our D3 levels were the same as the Chinese. He says get your D3 up to 90, then the worst that Covid can do to you, is you are sick at home for a few days.

The Chinese defense against Covid would be the very authoritarian isolation measures that only their government can pull off. I only read this once, and months ago. That the Chinese Government was making huge quantities of vitamin C and distributing it. To nullify Covid-19. I obviously can not say true or false on this.

Woo Flux man is Clif_High, who got in very early on bitcoin. He says the same thing about D3 and Covid seasonality.

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Hi Robin after seeing info from your substack I bumped up my D supplementation, just had it checked and its at 154 nmol/L so I am happy with that.

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